26. October 2022 -
Matjaž Humar received the ‘Blinc Award’ for physicists at the beginning of their career.

4. October 2022 -
Aljaž Kavčič received ‘Dr. Uroš Seljak Prize’ for the best scientific publications by students.

11. March 2022 -
We have published a paper in Nature Communications, where we demonstrate deep tissue imaging and sensing using optical microcavity probes. Check it out…

18. November 2021 -
Aljaž Kavčič received ‘Prešernova nagrada Univerze v Ljubljani’.

9. December 2021 -
We have published a paper in Nature Reviews Methods Primers. We introduce various WGM sensors, sensing mechanisms, applications and experimental results. Check it out…

7. December 2021 -
We have published a paper in PNAS. We demonstrate that complex tunable microlasers emitting structured light can be generated from self-assembled topological liquid crystal superstructures. Check it out…

12. May 2021 -
As a part of FoodTraNet consortium we have received funding under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Networks (MSCA-ITN). We are looking for a PhD student to work on the photonic technologies for food quality, safety, and security. More…

6. August 2020 -
We have two new lab rooms. An optical lab and a cell culture lab.

26. March 2020 -
The Human Frontiers Science Program (HFSP) has awarded Matjaž Humar the prestigious Young Investigator grant. In collaboration with M. Choi (Seoul National University, Korea) and H. Im (Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, USA) the team will try to demonstrate a living optically-communicating neural network.

21. February 2020 -
We have published a new paper in Lab on a chip. We demonstrate that it is possible to produce droplets and solid spheres with 1 nm size precision and use them for barcoding. The article was featured on the back cover. Check it out…

06. September 2019 -
Currently we have two ERC funded postdoc positions open to work on bio-integrated lasers. See openings for more info….

03. September 2019 -
Matjaž Humar has received the prestigious ERC Starting Grant in the amount of 1.5 million euros.

03. September 2018 -
We published our new paper in Optics Express where we demonstrate non-contact temperature measurement with one tenth of a kelvin precision at distances of several meters using omnidirectional laser emission. Check it out…

01. May 2018 -
A postdoc position is available in our lab to work on biological lasers and related biophotonics topics. Physics background with experience in photonics or biology is preferred. To apply send your CV to

17. November 2017 -
Our work on cell lasers was featured in a show (Ugriznimo znanost) on Slovenian national television Slo 1.

27. December 2016 -
You can now see our photonic waveguides in action on Netflix. White Rabbit Project (Session 1, Episode 8).