Welcome to the Humar Lab

Bio-integrated photonics and soft photonics group

Principal investigator: Matjaž Humar

We develop novel photonic devices made from soft and biological materials and integrate these devices with biological systems. In doing so we aim to better understand as well as influence complex processes within live organisms.

We collaborate tightly and share equipment with:

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We are looking for passionate new PhD students, Postdocs, and Master students to join the team (more info) !

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01. January 2019 Maja Garvas joined our team. Maja will bring more biology to our lab. Welcome Maja!
03. September 2018 We published our new paper in Optics Express where we demonstrate non-contact temperature measurement with one tenth of a kelvin precision at distances of several meters using omnidirectional laser emission. Check it out...
15. July 2018 Dmitry Richter joined our lab as a visitor. His work will focus on precision size measurements by means of WGM detection.
01. May 2018 A POSTDOC POSITION is available in our lab to work on biological lasers and related biophotonics topics. Physics background with experience in photonics or biology is preferred. To apply send your CV to matjaz.humar@ijs.si
17. November 2017 Our work on cell lasers was featured in a show (Ugriznimo znanost) on Slovenian national television Slo 1.
27. December 2016 You can now see our photonic waveguides in action on Netflix. White Rabbit Project (Session 1, Episode 8).

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